Chaparral Studio

Slowly sloping towards the ocean, Los Angeles is a bazaar of curiosities, marvels, and sun-soaked fantasy. But cradling this dream by the beach, acting as segue from the make-believe to the reality of the surrounding deserts is the chaparral. It is a landscape in between. It is from this space that Chaparral Studio fashions the wispy end of strings into reminders of these possibilities.

Bianca D’Amico studied art, receiving a BFA from Otis and an MFA from CalArts. Her affinity for playing with plants, a few of which are like her, native to California, led to creating terrariums – whimsical worlds where miniature figures could play out little narratives – and Terri Planty was formed.

Now the edges are expanding. The blanket laid out is unfolding further.

Chaparral Studio is a proscenium of arcing lines of flora, bones, feathers, and crystalline stones that frame the glow of that distinct California light scattered upon the spaces we live and those we remember.

Bianca can often be found pausing to notice an otherwise overlooked peculiarity on the ground and consulting her faithful and ever-interested dog before returning home with it to the slight confusion of her two feline roommates.

Specializing in the handmade, be it planted, worn, celebrated or seen, Chaparral Studio is a creative studio based in and inspired by the Los Angeles landscape with an emphasis on storytelling, the organic, and all the details found along the way…

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