Bunny Dee

Bunny Dee is Danielle Gundry-Monji, a Portland-based artist who loves drawing, photography, travel, bunnies, whales, and all things unique.


I started my shop some 5 years ago with the desire to bring a little bit of magic with pastels, shapes and animals (mostly) also humans. I started out as a child who would never stop drawing and made up her own story lines to go along with her art. Mostly everything I drew was a unicorn, a queen or animals... most things in ball gowns. Somewhere my mother has a drawing of 15 snakes in different colored ball gowns...

My drawings all start from a dream I've had, some inspiration I've seen or something that hearkens to the past. I'm inspired by children's story books, mythology, Victorian ephemera and simple images and shapes from colonial America.

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